KS Global Logistic and Foreign Trade Inc.

Ks Global demonstrates successful work on its goal of providing customer satisfaction-oriented logistics service with experienced, dynamic employee potential and innovative management staff in international logistics and transportation. It is a partner in developments related to route, transit time, new transport models, and guide its investments with today’s technology speed, which can be able to capture all the innovations brought by the sector and adapt quickly to these innovations, with its reliable and dedicated employees and partners and continues to grow every day.

Our company offers comprehensive, bulky and regular partial and complete transport models for land, air, sea, intermodal and warehousing solutions to almost every country in Europe, especially Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy .

Ks Global continues to be a service provider that grows rigorously in the sector with the aim of providing creative, high-quality service together with global collaboration and partners. While maintaining its growth goals, it has become an institution that has succeeded in incorporating and blending products, innovations, speed and services into logistics service and solution processes brought to all chain rings by technology.

About Us

Who we are

Logistics is a corner stone that requires great care and is more significant than anticipated in terms of competing and making a difference in the market where each company is located, both manufacturer, exporter and importer. Logistics has been an important element that requires great care and is more important than anticipated in terms of competing and making a difference in the market where each company is located, both manufacturer, exporter and importer. Ks Global helps its customers overcome the competitive environment brought by logistics processes, the phenomenon and effort to make the difference, and enable them to work globally in trade formations, productions and initiatives and we are an international shipping and service provider that supports partners, and the successful team works. Providing services to our customers as solution partners, supply chain optimization has developed, can offer fast partial road service from Europe and Europe, Turkey, Asia and many parts of Europe; we are a regional organization with a global network that can provide warehousing and internal transportation services.


Our vision is to be one of the logistics service providers that can solve, keep its promises and therefore be able to solve sectoral problems with all its stakeholders, especially integrity, which offers more than logistics services to its customers, which is ultimately customer satisfaction oriented, blends accumulated experiences with today's technology and aims to establish long-term trade relations.


Our international sector experience and global business partners can create sustainable and healing services, provide efficient corporate infrastructures with quality performance for customer preferences in our ted-up chain, and increase our preference in the sector, through our h-coated services, which can provide cost-oriented studies and contribute to the competitive environment of our customers who take care of the commercial interests of our customers, and being a logistics service provider that is innovative, rational, adapted to technology

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Historical Development

2013 KS Turkey was founded and started to operate.
2012 KS Romania was founded and started to operate.
2011 A new transport terminal has been opened in Vienna, Austria, Serbia.
An additional branch opened in Novi Sad, Serbia.
2010 New branches have opened in Serbia, Slovenia, Serbia / Belgrade and Slovenia Ljubljana, which have their own private vehicles.
2007-2008 Expansion of Szigetszentmiklós warehouse activity in Hungary.
2006 Hungary company moved to a new logistics terminal in Szigetszentmiklós.
2005 Prague branch of the Czech Republic began to operate.
2003 Austria Vienna, KS Logistic GmbH office, warehousing and logistics activities began.
2002 Hungary International transport and customs agency was established.
1999 It was founded as a foreign trade company in Vienna, Austria.

Our Values
Team Spirit
High-Quality Communication
High-Quality Service
Development Oriented
Openness- Accountability
Result Oriented
Taking Responsibility
Becoming Innovative
Excellent Throughput
Providing Satisfaction
Pioneering and Being Effective
Environmental Awareness
Social Responsibility Awareness