ABN- Aeredrome Beacon
ACC- Area control Centre or Area control
ACFT-A/C Aircraft
ACN – Aircraft Classification Number
AD-A/D Aedrome
ADF – Automatic Direction-Finding equipment
ADIZ- Air Defence Identification Zone
ADNC – Air Defence Notification Center
ADR – Advisory Route
ADS- Ads Air Defence Sector
ADZ- Adz Advise
AF- – Audio Frequency
AFB- – Air Force Base
AFC- – Automatic Frequency Control
AFIL- – Flight Plan Filled in the Air
AFIS- – Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFIS- – Automated Flight Inspection System
AFS- – Aeronautical Fixed Service
AFI- – After
AFTN- – Aeronautical fixed Telecommunication Network
AGA- – Aerodrome, Air Rootes and Ground aids
AGL- – Above Ground Level
AIC- – Aeronautical Information Circular
AIP- – Aeronautical Information Publication
AIRAC- – Aeronautical Information Regulation ve control
AIS- – Aeronautical Information services
ALERFA- – Alert Phase
ALS- – Approach Light System
ALT- -alt- Altitude
ALTN- – Alternate
AOC- – Air Operation Centre
AP-A/P- – Airport
APP-App- – Approach Control Office or Approach Control
ARP- – Aerodrome Referance Point
ARR- – Arrival
ATA- – Actual Time of Arrival
ATC- – Air Traffic Control
ATCC- – Air Traffic Control Center
ATD- – Actual Time of Departure
ATFM- – Air Traffic Flow Management
ATFMU- – Air Traffic Flow Management Unit
ATN- – Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
ATS- – Air Traffic Services
AH- – Air Warning
AHACS- – Airborne Warning and Control System
AWY- – Airway
AWOS- – Automatic Weather observation System
BCSI- – Broadcast
BDRY- – Boundary
BEA- – British European Airways
CAA- – Civil Aviation Authority
CAT- – Category
CAVOK- – Ceiling and Visibility OK
CEAC- – Committee For European Airspace Coordination
CIDIN- – Common ICAO Data Interchange Network ICAO
CIV- – Civil
CL- – Center-line
CLSD- – Closed
CNL- – Cancel or Cancelled
COM- – Communication
COMINT- – Communication Intelligence
COP- – Change-Over Point
CPL- – Current Flight
CTR- – Control Zone
CNS- – Communications, Navigation and Surveillance
D/F- – Direction Finder
DEP- – Departure
DEST- – Destination
DFTI- – Distance from touchdown indicator
DLA- – Delay
DME- – Distance measuring Equipment
DSE- – Double side band
DIG- – Date Time Grup
DUPE- – Duplication
DVOR- – Doppler VOR Doppler VOR
EANPG- – European Air Navigation Planning Group
EAT- – Expected Approach Time
ECAC- – European Civil Aviation Conference
ELEV- -el- Elevation
EMERG- – Emergency
ETA- – Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC- – Etcetera (and the rest, and soforth.)
ETD- – Estimated Time of Departure
EUR- – European Region
EUROCONTROL – European Organization for the Safety of air 0Navigation
FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
FAC- – Final approach course
FAF- – Final approach fix
FAP- – Final approach point
FIC- – Flight Information centre
FDPS- – Flight Data Processing System
FIR- – Flight Information Region
FIS- – Flight Information service
FL- – Flight Level
FM- – Frequency Modulation
FM- – Fan Marker
FUO- – Foreign object damage
FPL- – Filled Flight
FREO- – Frequency
FT- – Feet (Dimensional Unit) Feet
FTC- – Fast Time Constant (Elc.)
FANS- – Future Air Navigation
GCA- – Ground controlled approach
GMT- – Greenwich Mean Time
GND- – Ground
GP- – Glide Path
GRP- – Group
GS- – Ground Speed
GST- – Glide Slope Intercept Altitude
HA- – Continuous day and night service
HAA- – Height above airport elevation
HAT- – Height above touchawn
HOG- – Heading
HEL- – Helicopter
HIPAR- – High Power acquisition radar
HOSP- – Hospital Aircraft
HR- – Hours
HS- – Service available during hours of scheduled operations
HX- – No specific working hours
IAC- – Initial Approach Course
IAF- – Initial Approach Fix
IAF- – Instrument approach and Landing Chart
IAS- – Indicated Airspeed
IATA – Internatinol Air Transport Assocation
ICAA- – Internatinol Civil Airports Assocation
ICAN- – International Comission for Air Navigation
ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization
ID- – Identifier or Identify
IFALPA- – International Federation of Airlines Pilots
IFATCA- – International Federation Air Traffic Controllers Association
IFF- – Identification Friend / Foe
IFR- – Instrument Flight Rules
IFRB- – International Frequency Registration Board
ILS- – Instrument Landing System
IM- – Inner Marker
IMC- – Instrument meteorological conditions
INA- – Initial Approach
INBD- – Inbound
INCERFA- – Uncertainity Phase
INFO- – Information
INOP- – Inoperative
INS- – Inertial Navigation System
IR- – Ice on Runway
ISA- – International Standart Atmosphore
ITU- – International Telecommunication Union
L- – Left (Runway Identification)
LASER- – Light Aplification by Stimulated Emision of Radition
LAT- – Latitude (Enlem)
LCA- – Lowest Coverage Altitude
LDA- – Landing Distance Available
LIDAR- – Light Detection and Ranging
LLZ- – Localizer (ICAO)
LMT- – Local Mean Time
LOC- – Localizer (FAA)
LCm- – Compass Locator at Outer Marker
LOPAR- – Low Power Acquisition Radar
LORAN- – Long Range Air Navigation System
MAA- – Maximum authorized altitude
MAPT- – Missed Approach Point
MDA- – Minimum descent altitude
METAR- – Aviation Routime Weather Report
MES- – Microwave System
MM- – Middle Marker
MOCA- – Minimum obstruction clearence altitude
MODE- – Meteorogical Operational Telecomunications Network
MGL- – Mean Sea Level
MTBF- – Mean Time Between Failures
MTI- – Moving Target Indicator
NADGE- – NATO Air Defence Ground Envirenment
NAMSA- – NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
NAV- – Navigation
NAVAID- – Air Navigation Facility
NDB- Non- Directional radio Beacon
Ni-na- – Nautical Miles
NOF- – International NOTAM Ofiice
NOTAM- – Notice to Airmen
OM- – Outer Marker
OPR- – Operator or Operate or Operative or Operating or Operational
OPS- – Operations
O/R- – On request
ORB- – Orbit
P- – Prohibited (Area)
PANS- – Procedures for air navigation services
PAPI- – Precision approach path indicator
PAR- – Precision Approach Radar
PAT- – (Pist-Apron-Taksiyolu)
PCN- – Pavement Classification Number
PLN- – Flight Plan
PPI- – Plan Position Indicator
PSGR- – Passengers
PWR- – Power
QBI- – Compulsory IFR Flight
QFE- – Atmospheric pressure at Aerodrome Elevation
QFU- – Magnetic Orientation of Runway
QNH- – Altimeter Sub-scale Setting to obtain elevation when on the ground
RIGHT- – Runway Identification
R/T- – Receiver-Transmitter
RAC- – Rules of Air and Air Traffic Services
RADAR- – Radio Detection and ranging
RCC- – Rescue Co-ordination Center
RPL- – Repetitive Flight Plan
RRP- – Runway Reference Point
RSC- – Rescue Sub-Centre
RSR- – En-Route Surveillance radar
RVR- – Runway Visual range
RWY- – Runway
RNAV- – Area Navigation