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Road Freight

KS Global covers all the transportation, warehousing and logistics services required for road transportation organizations. Ks Global regularly organizes import and export services as well as partial Germany, partial Spain, partial Portugal, partial Belgium, partial Netherlands, partial Italy services and imports to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Scandinavia. Our vehicles provide load collection and load distribution planning in many parts of Europe in a maximum of 48 hours. Due to the fact that Europe has an advanced road network, we are able to set flexible routes for shipments. Shipments with flexible routes have increased preferences in today’s trading conditions due to reduced costs. Ks Global plans to increase customer potential and keep its existing customers inside by organizing advantageous road transportation. By analyzing the needs of its customers during the order stage or during the loading details, taking into account the characteristics of the item to be shipped with their experienced staff, choose the necessary routes in European, Asian, Middle East, Africa and America countries capable of planning the infrastructure according to shipments. Timely and complete delivery of the material to be shipped is among the most vital issues without increasing the transport distance. Our company cooperates efficiently with international shipping companies, a global network of advanced partners, and thus provides both flexible pricing and high-quality service to our customers.



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